The Benefits of Using a Tracking App to Spy

Modern spyware programs have a number of great functions that are important to use not only in our everyday life but also in some situations for ensuring data security and emergency prevention. Using of a tracking application brings many benefits when parental control is considered. Let’s discuss some of the advantages you can get.

Reading the Text Typed on a Keyboard


With the help of keyloggers, all the characters typed on the keyboard are recorded in automatic mode. Thus, spyware tracks everything including system combinations, keyboard shortcuts, and any textual information. The received data are then stored in the log file of Excel, Notepad, or Word format. The reports contain not only the textual information covering the entered keystroke sequence but also the file path, web page data, and info about applications being used during the session. Thus, all the entered passwords, messages, and any other information are accessible without problems.

Saving Passwords a User Submits

The spyware stealthily intercepts all the passwords that the user enters during the session. These can be logins into various sites, chat rooms, instant messengers, mail, and social networks. This allows you to monitor the communication of your child and prevent the bad influence of peers, if necessary. What is more, using spyware will also help you change the direction of the child’s circle of contacts or his interests.

Screen Monitoring

Spyware allows you to periodically take screenshots. In this case, it is possible to monitor all the actions of the user and see what programs he is using. Alternatively, spyware may also have feature recording a video, making images from a web camera, or recording sounds from a microphone.

Web History Interception

Tracking App to Spy

One of the greatest functions of spyware is that it saves the launch history file, which contains the date and time of opening applications and the location of files on the machine. The program also tracks textual information entered by the user, the sequence of clicks, and actions of the computer mouse completed by a user.

Message Tracking

On top of that, spyware allows you to read all the messages your child has sent or received from instant messengers (Google Talk, Miranda, R&Q, Slack, Skype, etc.). At the same time, you can also review media files (photos and videos) being sent and received.

Another great feature of the program is that it works in a stealth mode and is impossible to be detected by a child, even if he is tech savvy. The application doesn’t consume the operation memory and doesn’t slow down the machine. Therefore, you can rest assured about your hidden espionage.

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