How To Trace Mobile Number Current Location Using The Free Mobile Tracker

At the first glance, it might seem that tracking somebody’s phone number requires a lot of special knowledge, expensive software or thorough preparation. It seems that this technology is only available to action heroes from Hollywood movies, or government agents, but not for usual citizens.

In fact, this technology is widely available to everybody nowadays and there are a lot of services and mobile applications that can be completely free to use.
If you wish to trace your kid’s phone to prevent kidnapping or simply to not let them skip school – there are easy, user-friendly and completely free ways to do so.
In this article, we will prove to you that tracking a mobile number today has never been easier.

Online Services

How Trace Mobile Number

There are few online services that provide the feature of tracking a mobile phone number. Not all of them are good and, in fact, some of them are not working at all. We have gathered several websites here that actually do their job of providing you with the exact location of the phone number’s holder.

All you need to do is input the number in question to the corresponding field to see its current location. Of course, being a free solution, not all of them are perfect, but they can pinpoint the location of the card number to a certain city district and that can be quite helpful if the holder’s location is unknown.
Find the list below:

  • MobileNumberTrackr
  • tracephonenumber
  • freephonetracer

Mobile Apps

Mobile Tracker Free

Websites are great, but there is a lot of mobile apps for both Android and iOS that can provide the same services and even more. Not only it is much more convenient to have a phone tracker in your pocket to be accessible anywhere you go, but those apps also have a lot more features that can be quite useful.
Most of them are connected to Google Maps and will provide a real-time feed there so you can easily browse the nearest locations and other places, view the exact street name and even call an Uber to that particular location.

It also has an automatic caller identification that will allow you to trace those annoying calls from an unknown number that you might be getting in the middle of the night. You will be able to see the caller’s location, report it and add it to the blacklist to never be bothered again.
Here are a few hand-picked examples of such applications for both Android and iOS:

  • Mobile Number Locator
  • Mobile Number Tracker
  • Caller ID & Number Locator
  • Truecaller Phone Tracer


  • Mobile Number Tracker Pro
  • iOS Number Locator
  • Truecaller
  • Mobile Number Location

So as we can see there are a lot of different ways and services via which you can trace the phone number’s location.

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