Is It Legal To Track Your Employees?

It is not a secret that we live in the world of high-end and nano technologies and such trivial things such as GPS and Wifi are becoming something that nobody is surprised about.

Evidently, more and more business owners and big company employers are using GPS tracking of their respective employees to monitor their location and activity.

It can, certainly, have a significant positive impact on a business, namely:

  • To observe whether employees are complying with the company’s laws and do their job in time.
  • If you track a vehicle, you can always monitor your employees to abide by the traffic laws and not exceed the speed limit.
  • Track certain employees that are suspected of a misdemeanor to gather evidence and conduct your own internal investigation.

All this can, without a doubt, lead to efficient and productive workflow and save you a lot of time and money, but every employer must also think about the responsibility that follows.

If you consider using a GPS tracker to monitor your employees, first of all, it is necessary to go through the laws of your state or country and see if it is legal and on what terms.

It is not legal to track a person’s whereabouts without consent (unless you are from a law enforcement, but that’s the whole different story), but you can freely install a GPS tracker on a company owned vehicle to track your employee’s location and activity.

The laws get a bit misty when it comes to tracking an employee-owned vehicle that is used for the company’s business, so it is always a good idea to inquire your lawyer about it, because courts tend to side with employees whose privacy was invaded rather than with business owners (even such giants as Coca-Cola Company lost a couple of cases on this matter).

To add insult to injury – laws tend to be even mistier when it comes to tracking your employees’ personal phones. It is certainly a trick to pull off, especially if you do not want to invade their privacy.

So considering all information described above we have devised a number of practices that can secure your position legally and will allow you to maximize your employees’ efficiency by means of GPS tracking:

  • Get familiar with your local laws, consult your lawyers and spend some time learning the subject. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Great rapport with your employees and the atmosphere of mutual respect will always create a healthy atmosphere where GPS Tracking is only a precaution, rather a sign of pressure and distrust.
  • Only install GPS tracker to the company-owned vehicles. Better be safe than sorry. If you are issuing “work only” cell phones to your employees – you can safely install the tracker there as well.

Make sure your employees know why they are being tracked. If you outline all the reasons and make an official statement it will ease the tension and help them better understand the necessity of using a GPS tracker.

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