7 Best Mobile Trackers 2019

There are a lot of reasons why somebody might need a GPS tracker app on their or somebody’s phone. Most of the time we install it on our children’s mobile phone so we can be assured that they are safe at any time of the day.

The number of different apps is quite overwhelming and it might be hard for you to pick the one that responds exactly to your needs.

We have hand-picked only the best and latest apps:


tracking apps Hoverwatch

Definitely one of the best tracking apps out there. Additionally to the GPS tracker, you will get access to a lot more features. It is possible to view the browser history, call logs and messaging of your kid to be completely sure that he or she are not getting into troubles. Available for Android.


It is free and has support for iOS, Android and Blackberry (if you ever need one). Nice application for tracking your kid’s location that will also help you immensely if your phone is lost or stolen.


This app is designed solely for the purpose of keeping your children safe from any harm, be it physical or psychological. Allows you to track the facebook feed, have access to the messages and get alerts whenever the obscene language is used. Available for iOS and Android phones alike.


monitor your kid's

 A simple app that will allow you to monitor your kid’s location and movement via GPS tracker. It also has a “parent control” function where you can set up a certain time limit for using a phone every day. You will always get alerts if your offspring exceeded his or her limit or, for example, is using the phone past their bedtime.

Cell Tracker

An absolutely free Android-only mobile app that will allow you to track the location of the person. To be exact, it will track all the spots on the map where you or your kid stayed for a while, thus making a route. Very helpful if you don’t want your kid to take a detour to a gaming arcade on their way to home instead of doing homework.

Family Locator

A great family friendly app that allows you to add several members to track. Designed solely to prevent your kid from being kidnapped or lost by tracking their location in real-time. You can also set up safe and not-safe zones on the map and get alerted immediately if the border of any zone is crossed.

The TruthSpy

TruthSpy GPS trackers

The true ninja of GPS trackers. Despite being quite expensive, it comes with a wide array of useful features, but, most importantly, the person you are tracking will not have a single clue that they are being tracked. It is also simple and user-friendly so you won’t have any problems setting it up even if you are not computer/mobile phone savvy.

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