Is It Safe To Use Mobile Tracker?

Whether it is a stolen phone or a lost kid – GPS tracker is able to solve any issues with just one click or tap, but is it actually safe for your own privacy and personal space?

There is a great number of different GPS tracking apps and websites that you can find on the internet, but many of those cannot be trusted. How can you prevent your personal data to be stolen by hackers? How can you be sure that the GPS Tracker that you are using to track your children’s location is not used by criminals who will track your child’s location and actually kidnap him or her?

A wide range of aspects must be considered before you decide to start using a GPS tracker.

After conducting a deep research on the topic in question we came up with a number of precautions which will help you minimize the possibility of an unauthorized access to your and your family members’ personal information.

  • Use paid tracker apps. Cheapest is the dearest, as they say. Without a doubt, there is a large number of free mobile trackers out there that actually do their job, but how can you be sure that your information is not sent or even sold to somebody who can use your personal data to their own benefit? What if somebody would track your location to know that you are not at home to just go ahead and rob your apartment, or, god forbid, track your kid’s location to kidnap them? Paid services usually have EULA (End-User License Agreement) and Privacy Policy that you can read through and rest assured that your personal data is safe.
  • Do not root your phone. That is a first sign that you are using a wrong mobile tracker. “Rooting” is a process of unlocking your phone and, basically, shutting down any security protocols that were set up by the developer to allow access to different unauthorized third party software. What you won’t be told though is that by doing so, you also allow third parties to access your phone back. That way, somebody can get access to everything that you have on your phone: contact details, GPS location, images, multimedia, credit card credentials and many more. And, of course, rooting will void the warranty of your phone at an instant, so in case something happens, you will have no one to blame, but yourself.
  • Do not be your own enemy. While using a GPS tracker can be proven useful, it is not always legal. The line between your concern about safety and somebody’s personal space is quite blurred, so always consider your local laws. It absolutely legal to track your own or your kid’s phone for the sole purpose of enhancing and ensuring safety, but if you use it for something else – be aware.

Do not become the bad guy of this story. Everyone, including your offsprings, has a right for personal space. This one of the biggest basis laws of our civilization.

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